Summer Intensive Study Program

Short description

This Summer Intensive Study Program will offer a variety of concepts of Jungian psychology, their relevance for psychotherapy, for personal growth as well as for everyday life.

It is intended that lectures, seminars and discussions can be followed by those who are new to Jungian Psychology, but will at the same time be of value to those with professional psychological training and interests. The courses are taught by analysts of the Institute and internationally renowned guest lecturers.


July  5th to July 9th, 2021.

Program: online and streaming

All our lectures and seminars will be offered during this week as online at the indicated times (Zurich time zone). For those who cannot participate live due to the time zone difference, additionally all events will be recorded and available via streaming for approx. 2 weeks. Details will follow as soon as you register and the schedule for the broadcasts can be found here. 
Please send your application and the seminar registration to [tocco-encoded-addr:MTEyLDk3LDExMCwxMDEsMTE2LDExNiw5Nyw2NCwxMDYsMTE3LDExMCwxMDMsMTA1LDExMCwxMTUsMTE2LDEwNSwxMTYsMTE3LDExNiw0Niw5OSwxMDQsNDY=] Your registration is guaranteed.


Tuition fee:

payment by June 15, 2021: CHF 1200.00 (credit card payment possible, see payment options /special events)

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