Introduction to Jungian Psychology

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The Introduction to Jungian Psychology Program offers a concentrated overview of Jungian psychology and its main concepts, which can be relevant for counseling and psychotherapy, one’s own personal development, creative processes and everyday life.

Lectures, seminars and discussions are intended for those, who would like to aquaint themselves with Jung’s work, but it is also relevant for professionals already established in the field, who are interested in expanding their knowledge and enrich their professional tool box with a Jungian approach. The courses are taught by analysts of the Institute.


Friday, 11th and Saturday, 12th February 2022


Tuition Fee
Both Days                                     CHF 400.00
Both Days Students/AHV/IV  CHF 200.00
Daily Fee                                      CHF 200.00
Daily Fee Students/AHV/IV    CHF 100.00


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