Picture Archive

The picture archive of the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich comprises two exceptional collections: The C.G. Jung Collection with approx. 4500 pictures of his patients from the years 1917-1955, and the Jolande Jacobi Collection (Jung's pupil and colleague, 1890-1973) with approx. 6500 pictures and drawings from the 40s to 70s of the 20th century.

C.G. Jung, as well as Jolande Jacobi, asked their patients to paint and draw their inner pictures. In the so-called Active Imagination, series of pictures were created as part of the therapeutic process. The C.G. Jung/Jacobi collection is unique and cannot be compared to any other collection of psychiatrists of its time. It differs from the historical art collections of psychiatric institutions both in the prerequisites of the pictorial work and in the impulse for artistic activity. The patients came to their analysts as private patients and ventured with them into the unconscious via the creation of images. The resulting series of pictures show on the one hand in an impressive way the power and effect of the method of painting from the unconscious for the individual, but on the other hand they are also important contemporary documents.

Furthermore, the archive contains extensive documentation on pictures, motifs and symbols (e.g. Jung's documentation on alchemy), as well as more recent pictorial works and picture series created or compiled by various analysts and artists after 1973.

The entire archive is open to students, colleagues and outsiders for study and research purposes. It should be a stimulating place for exchange and further development of the method of painting from the unconscious.

Contact: Elizabeth Leuenberger, Email: [tocco-encoded-addr:OTgsMTA1LDEwOCwxMDAsOTcsMTE0LDk5LDEwNCwxMDUsMTE4LDY0LDEwNiwxMTcsMTEwLDEwMywxMDUsMTEwLDExNSwxMTYsMTA1LDExNiwxMTcsMTE2LDQ2LDk5LDEwNA==]

Opening hours: by appointment

Showing pictures and slides on request by appointment.


One person (1 - 1,5 hours) CHF 100.00
Two persons (1 - 1,5 hours) CHF 150.00
Groups of three and more people CHF 250.00

Students and Accredited Members of the C.G. Jung Institute Zurich are at no charge.