The theories of Carl Gustav Jung are closely linked to research. The theory of emotional complexes is an early example of this. It was derived from the results of the association test, which was used to research thinking at the beginning of the 20th century both in healthy people and under the influence of mental illness. While the experimental arrangements common at that time ignored disturbances in the association process, Jung turned his attention to them, which led to the discovery of the emotional complexes. Eugen Bleuler took these results into account when he introduced the term schizophrenia, and for Freud this was the scientific proof of his theory of unconscious conflicts and their influence on consciousness. The research based on measurable variables with the association experiment is the beginning of his work, which has never lost its research character due to the lifelong engagement with his own observations and other fields of expertise. In this sense, Verena Kast and Mario Schlegel have been organizing research colloquia at the Institute for decades.

In autumn 2019, the current research commission was elected, whose members are dedicated to the cultivation of the scientific tradition. Currently, topics of effectiveness and process research are also topical.


(order alphabetically)

German: Christof Ammermann - Chair, Anita HornChrista Futscher, Isabel Meier, Gerold Roth

English: Paul Attinello, Liz Brodersen, Art Funkhouser, Milena Sotirova-Kohli


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The Research Commission is responsible for

  • the scientific tradition

  • the contact to other research institutions.

  • the contact to people with current research ideas.

  • the contact to students who are willing to do research

We would like to encourage you to contact us if you have a question you would like to pursue.

Current research projects at the Jung Institute:

  • Manualization in analytical psychology (Isabelle Meier and Gerold Roth)

  • Conceptualization of research projects (Christof Ammermann)

  • Association experiment: Interpretation processes and counter transmission research (Mario Schlegel, Verena Kast, Christa Futscher and diploma theses)

  • Epistemological foundations of the AP (Mario Schlegel and Christof Ammermann

Current research projects outside our Institute:

  • Qualitative dream analysis (Christian Rösler) (D)

  • Epistemological work (Ralf Vogel) (D)

  • Philosophical foundations (Gerhard Burda) (A)