Training in Analytical Supervision

for psychoanalysts and psychotherapists of all schools

Short Description

The Training is available to psychoanalysts, psychotherapists and psychiatrists interested in studying or deepening the analytically oriented supervision process according to C.G. Jung. The Training consists of supervision training days, participation in an intervision group for supervisors, co-leadership in a supervision group and study of literature and is continuously reflected upon by the participants and adapted appropriate to new insights. Details can be found in the ‘Regulations for Training in Analytical Supervision’ (see the last pages of the ‘Curriculum for Instructors’).

Admission to the Training in Analytical Supervision is possible at the earliest three years after completion of a psychoanalytical/psychotherapeutical degree.

The Supervision Training Days can also be attended as a one-off event (7 credits per day). Two German and two English Supervision Training Days are offered each year. Each one contains theoretical and practical units, which can either be presented separately or intertwine during the day. The main focus is on Live Supervision, where personal professional experiences related to the specific topic of the day can be presented and worked on and will subsequently be discussed by all participants. The Live Supervision can take place as individual or as group supervision.

Admission Requirements

Psychoanalysts, Psychotherapists, Psychiatrists from all schools


Individual days bookable (ca. 7 Credits per day)


Please see detailed cost information on our program flyer.

Coming Supervision events:
Friday, 3rd February 2023:  Supervision Training Day "Systemic Complex Constellation. Practical Work with Transference and Countertransference Processes" - Ursula Brasch, lic. phil.
Saturday, 4th February 2023: Supervision Training day "Sleeping Beauties and Morbid Trolls. How to navigate the Countertransference in Supervision of Work with Puers and Puellas" - Marica Rytovaara, BA (psych), MA
Samstag, 4. März 2023: offene fortlaufende Intervisionsgruppe für Supervisor*innen

Program Supervision Training days, 3rd and 4th February 2023

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