Are you interested in training at the Institute?

Below you will find initial answers to frequently asked questions.

FAQ for interested parties

Introductory offers: Further Education in Analytical Psychology, 3-Day-Pass, Intensive Study Programmes, lectures open to the public.

Training: Swiss state recognized training in Analytical Psychotherapy, training recognized by the IAAP in Psychoanalysis.

Send your application documents by email to the Administration of Studies.

With the exception of the “CAS Analytical Psychology” and the “Training FMH to become a Medical Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy”, in principle all training programs can be studied in either English or German (or a combination of both).

The training program in “Analytical Psychotherapy” leads to a federally recognized title "Psychotherapist according to C.G. Jung" and requires a university degree at master's level in psychology and medicine as well as sufficient academic performance in clinical psychology and psychopathology (12 ECTS points) as a prerequisite for admission. See

The training program "Psychoanalysis" leads to the title of "Psychoanalyst" recognized by the International Association of Analytical Psychologists (IAAP). It is possible to work with clients in private practice. It is not possible to be paid by public health insurance (at least not in Switzerland). The admission requirement is a university degree at master's level or an equivalent achievement in an academic field. See


In the training “Analytical Psychotherapy” and “Psychoanalysis” you can register for the E (adults), C (combined: adults, children and adolescents) or K (children) program.

The Director of Studies or the Administration of Studies.

In principle, the registration deadline for the semester offering of the summer semester is in the middle of March and in the middle of September for the semester offering of the fall/winter semester.

It is advisable to start the respective admission process three months before the start of the respective training program.

The deadline for seminar or exam registrations can be checked on this website under “Events”-> “seminars for students”.

An English block lasts three weeks and offers courses in English. There are two semesters per year. In the Winter Semester, two English blocks are offered, the Fall Block (October/November) and the Winter Block (February). In the summer, one English block is offered, the Summer Block (June/July). Outside of the blocks, courses in German are offered during the semester. Tuition fees are charged per semester, not per block. See

The application fee amounts to CHF 300.-- for all programs and is not refundable.

The fees can be paid either by bank transfer to our account with Credit Suisse, Zurich, or online by credit card, both specifications can be found via our following link:

Admission interviews must be completed in the training program “Analytical Psychotherapy” and in the training program “Psychoanalysis”.

The admission interviews are subject to a fee and the amount of CHF 720.— for 6 interviews will not be refunded.

The person of contact for administrative and study-related questions is the Administration of Studies.

On request, the Institute’s administration will provide you with a list of accomodation and provides information on Küsnacht and surroundings. Further information and tips are available on this website under “About us”-> Student Association.