Tune in to children: Overcoming traumatic experiences in play

This course is organized and offered to professionals working in the area of psychology, education, social-work, health and family systems: therapists, pedagogues, teachers, social workers, health practitioners, and caretakers.

Saturday, 12th February 2022 and Sunday, 13th February 2022

10:00 am - 5:20 pm (Event no. 378)

Alé Duarte, teacher, advisor and somatic therapist


Alé Duarte works on the premise that children and adults are able to naturally self-regulate. His work, including the use of play, movement, and awareness of the self and others, aims to help professionals support children and adults to reorganize and rebalance their autonomic nervous systems at the biological/survival level following a stressful or traumatic event.

Helping people to develop awareness of their own emotions and experiences can help them to better contain and regulate overwhelming feelings and states. This empowers us further to have healthy relationships, to learn, and be able to follow our inner voice and creative self.

This interactive workshop provides original insights and effective strategies for working with individuals and groups affected by trauma to promote healing, well-being, and a sense of wholeness.

Participants will learn:

  • How you can use the Five Phases of self-regulation framework to activate empowerment

  • Understand the concept of multiple levels of self-regulation and its implication on daily activities

  • Understand the somatic arousal and the energetic unbalanced polarity – Hyperactivity and apathetic behaviors

  • Accessing the Five Phases of self-regulation will help you to faster identify and understand the underlying causes and sources of a dysfunctional behavior

  • The relevance of the system of fight, flight, freeze, and fawn to deal with trauma

  • Introduction of a natural and non-medical approach to somatic self-regulation and balance

Tuition Fee

Fee                                      CHF 400.00
Fee Student/AHV/IV     CHF 200.00                                                      


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